Thursday, March 27, 2008

It's my birthday!

So today is my 27th birthday. As I have mentioned my goal/plan was to be pregnant or have a baby by now... but no luck. Instead I am waiting to, dealing with all the clomid and met side effects and fighting a massive cold on top of it. I haven't slept at all this week between coughing, nausea and some horrible hot flashes.

Aside from all of that my birthday has been pretty good... my coworkers decorated my cube, baked me cupcakes and took me out for lunch! I have received many phone calls, texts, emails, and facebook posts wishing me a happy birthday- its been nice! Tonight DH is taking me out for dinner and then shopping to get some new jeans (none of mine fit good due to my weight loss)... I am also going to shop before I meet him as my MIL, FIL, and 2 SIL's gave me some money to go shopping!

well cheers to another year.... and hoping this year will be MUCH better than last!

Monday, March 24, 2008

My Birthday...

So it is my birthday later on this week... 27 on the 27th! In celebration of my champagne birthday DH threw me a little party at our house last Friday. It was so much fun and I was so happy that so many of my close friends made it out!

Here are a few of my fave pics from the night:

CD 12

Well I am on cycle day 12 and these Clomid hot flashes are killing me! I was nauseous for the ENTIRE day yesterday and it kept getting worse with each hot flash... and they seemed to last forever. I tried to just ignore them and keep going because it was Easter and we were out visiting. We also went curling with my mom's family and even on the ice I was sweating! When I finally got home I took a bath and then did my hair... I thought I was going to pass out I felt so nauseous. I couldn't fall asleep for the life of me... I was hot and then cold, nauseous and dizzy... it was brutal. I think I maybe got 3 hours total... but very interrupted, I woke up at least once an hour.

DH checked the mail last night when we got home and there was a package for me... I had no idea what it was since I hadn't ordered anything online in awhile... It was from my Nestie TTTC Sister... she sent me a singing card and 2 packages of digital OPK's... so sweet of her and such a nice surprise- she is amazing- thanks again!

So far no O this month... not so patiently waiting... we are just doing TI with the Clomid again this month- I will have a 7DPO P4 test as well. If it doesn't work this month we will try one last cycle on Clomid and then its time to move on... but only after a break for the summer.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Day 3 on Clomid...

So today is day 3 on Clomid... and the side effects have already started! Mostly just hot flashes and not being able to sleep without waking up 100 times! I have also been feeling really nauseous

Other than that I am hoping it will be a good week... It's my birthday party on Friday night- a lot of my friends are coming- I am very excited!! Saturday I am going to see Carrie Underwood... and then on Sunday it's Easter!!

I hope everyone has a good week :)

Thursday, March 13, 2008

She's Here...

AF arrived today :(

I am also starting my new prescription today... I asked my doctor awhile ago about switching from regular metformin to an extended release one, she hadn't heard of one, so she put me on avandia... I did some research on it and it doesn't seem right that I would take it for fertility and pregnant women can't take it. So I did some more research and spoke to my pharmacist- he gave me the name of the metformin extended release, I called my doctor- and she sent in a prescription for it... so I start 1000mg of Glumetza at supper tonight!

I will start Clomid again on Saturday- woo freaken hoo.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

BFN :(

I woke up this morning and my temp had dropped, I have cramps, I got a BFN and now I am just waiting for AF... I am sure it's just hours away!


Monday, March 10, 2008

New Job...

In the midst of my horrible week I totally forgot to mention I was offered a new job at work... I applied for the position awhile ago, went through all the interviews... and it was offered to me last week. I am really excited about the new job, I think I will enjoy it MUCH more than the job I am currently doing. It is still in the same company and same department, just a much better job!!

Bad week got worse...

So after my bad week last week I was hoping the weekend would be better!! Friday was good, 2 good friends came over and we had a great night! Then Saturday morning I went out with my sister and a friend to pick up her wedding dress... we were at a stop light and were rear ended by a lady driving at high speed... that turned the weekend horrible... My back and head were killing and my neck was sore. DH and I just stayed in Saturday night and relaxed. Sunday morning I woke up and could hardly move my neck... DH brought me to the hospital in town and the doctor said it was whiplash... PLUS, they made me pee in a cup, and they said I am not pregnant... that was at 11DPO. I guess its pretty much over this cycle... I am just waiting for AF to come now to start the next round of Clomid.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

P4 Levels are back...

I did O this month... my P4 was 26... which is much better than last month. It seems they also did a Beta at 7DPO... and it was negative. I barely got off the phone before I started crying... I don't know if its too soon for a beta or not, but its so discouraging. My eyes are stinging and I just want to curl up in a ball... this sucks!!

I had messaged DH before my doctor called and asked him to pick me up some ice cream and cookie dough... I am having a rotten week and now an even more rotten day... I need to cheat on my diet tonight and indulge in my favourite treats.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

:( Feeling down today.

I went for my P4 test yesterday- I didn't get my normal lab tech, instead I got this BRUTAL woman who left me with a fantastic bruise!! I will call my doctors office this afternoon to see what the results were... I am guessing the levels will be high because my temps are way up. I am also unbelievably tired- and this generally happens when my progesterone levels are high.

I am also really emotional this week, it is driving me crazy!! I spun out on my way to work yesterday and a big truck almost hit me... I started screaming and crying in the car, I then called DH and told him I couldn't do this drive again next year- we had to move. (I drive an hour to work on back country roads). Today I drove in through a snow storm to get to work for a few meetings- and when I got here they all got cancelled... I was not impressed at all!! I haven't been feeling too great this week, bad stomach pains Monday, and then yesterday and again today my back is killing, only on my right side, but its bad- I slept with a hot water bottle last night. I have had the burning feeling behind my eyes that I am about to cry all week too- I watched a tv show last night and bawled like a baby- its rediculous!!

I talked to a friend this morning that I haven't talked to in awhile, he was saying him and his wife don't see much of me anymore... I know this is true, because I haven't been calling them really... They have 2 kids now- a 2 year old and a baby that's a few months old... it is hard to see them and hang out with them- they started trying for #2 awhile after we started trying and boom... just happened for them... its tough! A few of our friends have kids now- and they are all adorable and wonderful, and I love to see them, but I feel so sad after too!

My birthday is coming up, 27... My goal when DH and I got married was to have a baby or be pregnant by my 27th birthday... Its not looking too promising :( DH is having a birthday party for me on Easter weekend, it should be fun, and I am looking forward to it... but I found out today our friends are all bringing their kids- which is fine, I just hope I don't get sad or upset that day. And its not like I can ask our friends not to bring their kids, especially because a few of my aunts are invited and I am sure they will bring their kids- which is fine with me- I love seeing my little cousins... its just different with my friends and their kids... not sure why, it just is. I know that makes no sense!

Well I should get back to work... just needed to get my thoughts/frustrations out!