Friday, February 29, 2008

I Did O... now 3DPO

I am in the 2ww... after the temp spike on Wednesday I had another HUGE spike today... so I definitely O'd. I will go in on Tuesday for my 7DPO P4 test to see how good it was.

Let the 2ww begin... test date is on March 13th, I will never last that long!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I think I O'd...

Yesterday I had the most positive OPK I have ever had- the line went dark right away- and stayed WAY darker than the control line... I also had all the other symptoms and even a dull achy pain on my right side. Then this morning my temp spiked... I hope it stays up!! I really hope this month is the month... my birthday is coming up and it would be amazing... we could tell our parents at Easter and then the rest of our family and friends on mothers day... it would be perfect. I do this every month- picture when we would tell people and how... I guess it gives me something to look forward to.

I have also had a few baby dreams lately... which hasn't happened in a long time! I went into babies r us on Friday to get a gift for my cousin's first birthday- and I ended up wandering around thinking and looking at all the cribs, playards, strollers and clothes... I saw a few couples there planning their registry, and I wanted so bad for that to be me! Needless to say I left a little bit sad.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Not too much to update...

Well it is cycle day 10 and the Clomid seems to be working... well at least the side effects are very prominent, lol. I got a positive OPK last night- the test line was much strong than the control line. Seems really early though- that was just day 9. My first cycle on Clomid I O'd on day 11... so who knows! I really hope this cycle works, as I do every cycle, but its my birthday next month and it would be really really great to already be pregnant and not spend my birthday wishing I was!

I started last night with a personal trainer at my gym... and I got my butt kicked... worked out so hard it hurts to walk today! I feel great though... my weight loss is going so good, almost 30lbs now, still more to go, but I am feeling pretty good! Now I just want to get toned and work on a few key areas!! Weight loss is supposed to help with PCOS as well... so fingers crossed!!

Smiles :)

Saturday, February 16, 2008

I hate CLOMID!

I can officially say I hate Clomid... it is kicking my ass (pardon the language).

This month the side effects have stared on Day 3 of clomid... as opposed to day 7.... and WOW are they beating me up! I feel naseous and kinda light headed, I am very emotional and am already having extreme hot flashes! I know all of these are "normal" side effects, but really they are not normal!!

I am trying to stay positive, trying to hope and pray for the best, but its not easy!!

I am very thankful for my great friends and family who help me stay positive and get me through this!

Thats all for now :)

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

AF arrived... Clomid didn't work last cycle :(

I woke up yesterday morning and my temp had dropped. I tried to stay positive b/c I had no other AF symptoms. I got a call from my doctors around lunch saying my beta from Friday was negative... I called back to ask about my P4 level and she called me later in the evening. I had my worst level yet... 10... What the hell?? The Clomid didn't work at all last month! They have increased my dose to 150mg and will monitor my levels this month... if it doesn't work again I am not sure if they will increase again or if she will stop the clomid.

I took a long hot bath when I got home last night and as soon as I got out I was doubled over in cramps... and they still haven't let up. Even my prescription meds are not helping ease them- I just want to curl up in a ball. I thought they were bad before, but since starting clomid they are 100x worse.

Well I have to get back to work, I will update again once I start my Clomid on Thursday... happy freaken Valentine's Day.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Feeling a bit better...

It’s been just over a week since I last wrote, and I guess I am in a better mood. I had a really good week... Work has been going great; my friends have been amazing... especially some of them! I went to my good friends wedding and it was wonderful! I also went to see Rascal Flatts last night and that was incredible!

I am trying really hard to genuinely get out of this funk... not just to pretend I am happy... I really want to be happy! I talked to someone very special to me last night and she shared a bit about how she felt when she was having trouble having a baby... it really helped me open my eyes to some things. It will happen... I just don't know when or how yet. I am really working hard at focusing on the positive and not only the negative.

I am also in the 2ww... FertilityFriend says I O'd a few days later then I think I did... but that’s ok... regardless I am in the 2ww and trying not to obsess over any "symptoms". I went for my p4 and a beta last Thursday incase I O'd the week before- and I called my doctors office Tuesday for the results and they are apparently closed this week. So I am going for another series of tests this afternoon. When I was at the lab last week the tech, who now knows me by name, gave me a frequent card- its a little card with the barcodes identifying the tests I get regularly... now I don't need to bring in a requisition paper, just show my card, they scan it, take my blood, and I am on my way... How sad that it has some to me getting a frequent tester card, lol.

Hope everyone has a good weekend, and thanks again for reading.