Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I O'd... but there is not much hope for a BFP :(

So I O'd on Monday... but DH was gone away all weekend, so the chances of any BFP's this month are pretty slim!! I am so sick of this... beyond sick of it... I need a break!! We will try Clomid one more time... for a total of 7 rounds of Clomid... WOW... 7 rounds!

I am feeling pretty overwhelmed and down this week... I am working crazy hours, worrying about money and people, stressing about all of this baby stuff, feeling sick from a cold I can't shake and I am TIRED!!! Feeling all of these things is making me crave comfort foods... I was bad on the weekend eating pizza a few times... and now all I want is carbs!! I was in such a rotten mood last night I got McDonalds... how horrible!!! and this morning all I want is a nice fresh donut from Tim Hortons to go with the coffee I am going to need in about an hour!! I need to stop myself... I was doing soo good!!

On another note, I started reading a new book called "A few good egg's" It's pretty good and so far I recommend it, I am about 100 pages in. It is written by 2 ladies who have been through infertility and they talk about things the way you would with your girlfriends over coffee... its not like all of the other technical books out there!!

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Ariella said...

Not to get your hopes up but thenest just had someone, a t-ttcer, get thier BFP with only one day of sex on the day before ovulation. I hope the 'just once' works for you too, stranger things have happened!